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101 Ways to Humanize Technology

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restless patterns, mutable replications, transformable repetitions...

self-hybrids, monsters, tangled identities, kinetic digital sculptures

These digital moving collages enmesh parts of the same human body in motion. Similar to ornamental and decorative patterns, they repeat and juxtapose basal elements to form larger motifs. As moving collages, they convey the notion that patterns can be malleable, restless, mutable, transformable, etc, The idiosyncrasies in the patterns contrast with the common conception of consistency and regularity associated with the “digital” and reveal the “human” hand in the process of construction. Dragging and dropping physical body parts creates the repetitious aesthetic only possible with digital technology, thus suggesting the multifaceted (sometimes artificially replicated) identities we can assume in today’s digital world. Collage combines bits and pieces of the human body to create monstrous, grotesque, alluring amalgams or self-hybrids.