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2010 | unsettled  |   1 minute 55 second loop

In this piece, I incessantly construct precarious structures using numerous cardboard boxes. In my failing attempts to create a stable foundation, I pile boxes to the point of collapse. When the assemblages succumb to their unstable fabrication, I begin rebuilding… over and over and over again.

The incessant process, the instability of the structure, and the use of cardboard boxes work together to simulate the feeling of being «unsettled». The kaleidoscopic dynamism highlights the repetitious, frenetic nature of a perpetual feeling of instability. Not only does this piece suggest the feeling of instability in everyday life, but also in the current cultural context (architectural infrastructure in natural disasters (recent earthquake in Haiti) and the current national and global economic crisis). (This piece can be viewed playing on a monitor, projected onto a wall, or installed as a large pile of cardboard boxes onto which the video is be projected.)