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technoloffspring [v.1]

!technoloffspring! = animated films and interactive games of absurdist technological beings birthed from “IntertwinedHerStories” originating from the cross-section of *-gender-*-technology-*-lens-based-media-*-thehumanbody-*-caregiving-*. These animations and games propose a reimagining of what “technology” might mean in the context of an absurdist caregiving society and originate from an “entangled constellation of caregiving” as subjects of care and caregivers themselves. They are digital assemblages of altered and combined imagery, found and developed, that assembles linkages between creative (technological and scientific) work of women from the present and past.

technoloffspring [v.0]

Women have the meta-common knowledge that we/they perform the majority of the emotional labor in the world (see links below). This technology just helps us out a tiny bit:)

This proposed technology will provide the viewer with emotional labor. The technology includes hair, breasts, a bottom, an old photograph, a patented high chair, a reaching doll hand, a flying car-bus, and a rainbow. Things will explode and become sparkles and shatter and become colorful floating balls. There will even be bubbles!

With this in mind, these technologies assemble the ideas from inspiring creative women thinkers and makers in a sort of technological idea montage. In so doing, the technologies can be seen as a community of women’s creative work that makes visible the often invisible work of women, both paid and unpaid.