“Temporary Sculptures using dolls, hand-me-down clothes, hair rubber bands for lice, glass vases received with flowers for marriage and miscarriage, and cut vintage home-craft magazines as frame front-drops.” 2020

These temporary sculptures are made using the clothes my daughters wore (and girls before them). Everyday, I use rubber bands and dolls to shape these clothes into forms that reference breasts, vaginas penises, and babies. These sculptures represent unpaid labor of childcare, the hours and hours of caregiving, dressing, undressing, feeding, washing out stains. So much physical and emotional labor is wrapped up in the fabric. 

The “front-drops” frame the sculpture and are made from cutting holes in vintage home craft magazines. The images present idyllic homes with women sewing, perpetuating the idealized woman’s domestic roles. Using magazine images from the past, I connect my own care-taking labor to that of all of the women caregivers before me. As I make these sculptures, I’m laboring with my kids’ past and that of other women caregivers.
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